Frequently asked questions

Is this school Accredited?

We are not yet an accredited educational institution. While this is a goal we would like to reach, there are certain requirements that must be met before we are permitted to apply for accreditation.

Are your Instructors qualified?

As immediate staff of CC412 we require our instructors to be a member of a local church in good standings and educated in the field in which they are teaching. At minimum, we require all our instructors to have at least a bachelors level education (or its equivalent) before teaching at CC412.

Other 3rd party instructors may also hold seminary Masters degree, PhD etc.

Why are some courses free and others paid?

CC412 intends to offer a large variety of educational courses to equip believers in their respective field of study, but also to deepen their understanding of biblical truth. 

Our classes are priced on a number of factors:
  1. Amount of material in the course
  2. Length of the course
  3. Source of material (such as YouTube or 3rd parties, if any)
  4. Course Importance: Is this something for ALL Christians or a specific group of Christians (Ex. Bible101, Evangelism, Pastoral, General Ed.)?

Use of Course Credits

Credits are provided for select courses. While they may not be official at this point in time. Upon CC412 reaching accredidation validity we hope to affirm all students previous educational experience through CC412.
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